Impressive Motor Racing Tracks in the World

A race track is usual oval with bends or corners that are made specifically for sports. You cannot easily differentiate a race track when you are seated in the stands because they all look the same. But if you see them from space, they are beautiful, and you can appreciate their form and the skill drivers need to drive on them. Here are some of the best and impressive race tracks in the world.

12907.22191Indianapolis Motor Speedway in India

Essentially it has four left turns, but that is not all, it has hosted greatest dramas in the world. You can’t go to the racetrack stage with victory in your mind because triumph and tragedy can transpire in milliseconds. This track does not exist in America because of its history. The Indianapolis was built in 1909, but it has been home to many historic races in the world.

Nurburgring in Germany

It is one of the most astonishing tracks because bearing in mind that is 17 miles long, and it also has 170 corners on it. It was therefore nicknamed “The Green Hell” by Jackie Steward because it was considered as the longest single toughest racetrack track. Some of the greatest drivers in history (Juan Manuel and Bernd Rosemeyer) fought and won their races here.

Circuit De Monaco in Monaco

Racing through the streets seemed to be a ridiculous thing to do in the 1920s. Nelson Piquet (Formula 1 champion) is quoted to have said that competition in this track is like flying a helicopter in your house. Setting up the track for races requires six weeks, and if you want to tear it apart, you need three days. The track requires skill over horsepower because of its dangerous slow corners and (where cars can slow down to 40mph) fast lanes (cars can speed up to 160 mph).

Eldora speed in Rossburg, Ohio

It is a track known for dirt-track racing in North America where young race car drivers battled to make their names. The survival of these half-mile oval tracks was then nicknamed bullrings because they handled more shattered bodies than The Plaza de Toros.

Circuit De SPA Francorchamps in Belgium

It’s an open, hilly and treacherous track making it one of the most challenging on the planet. It has a set of corners that tries to knot the cars together. Drivers go downhill before turning left then turning around moments later to go uphill to the right at dangerous speeds. Now, get it wrong and lose the race.

Philip Island Grand Prix Circuit in Australia

It’s famously known for its MotoGp. It has had an on and off racing history because of finances. But it remains an all-purpose track. It’s fast turns, and high-speed trail gives spectators a blood raising view.

Bonneville Speedway in Utah

Bonneville track is situated in Great Salt Lake Desert in Utah. This track tastes how fast as a driver you can drive. Racing on this track did not become popular until the 1930s when Ab Jenkins and Sir Malcolm Campbell set out to compete and set land speed world records.

The-Daytona-International-SpeedwayDaytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona is a temple to NASCAR where the faithful congregate to have the biggest race of the season. Drivers in this track look like they are fighting. The fact is they are fighting their way to victory. The track also has restrictor plates that are used to restrict the high speed that comes out of the cars. Drivers have made their names here by cruising to victory, and others have also won and died here, for example, Dale Earnhardt.

Race tracks are expensively built for superiority showcasing. Drivers from all corners come here to air out their skills. But some of them also have won here, and unfortunately others died here. That is just a niche in their career because they will always want more.

Car Racing Most Impressive Crashes

There is nothing quite like motor racing for unadulterated exhilaration. The squeal of tyres, the smell of burning rubber – nothing comes close. Yet, if you want to experience real danger, it has to be Formula One. This wildly popular high speed sport is certainly no stranger to crazy collisions, and for motor racing obsessives, it is all part of being a fan of the track.

There is, of course, a very serious side to the sport as well. Whilst the potential for spectacular crashes are clearly part of the appeal of motor racing, to some degree, drivers have died out there during Formula One races and, though rare, it does still happen today. In fact, it has only been a few months since French driver Jules Bianchi lost his life to a Formula One crash.

Dan-Wheldon-fiery-car-crash-IndyCar-Las-VegasThe Craziest Motor Sport Crash in History

Fortunately, there have been many more impressive crashes which drivers have walked away from. One of the most remarkable, even by the standards of today, was the 1998 crash at the Belgium Grand Prix. It still stands as the most expensive incident in F1 history and fans who have followed the sport for a long time still remember it with amazement and disbelief.

This is because the crash, unbelievably, ended up involving thirteen of the drivers out on the track. The drama began when David Coulthard sent his McLaren car careering into a barrier. Then, one by one, drivers Eddie Irvine, Alexander Wurz, Rubens Barrichello, Jos Verstappen, Mike Salo, Johnny Herbert, Jarno Trulli, Ricardo Rosset, Olivier Panis, Shinji Nakano, Tora Takagi, and Pedro Diniz all got caught in the crossfire.

Pushing the Limits of Possibility

You could call this one of the luckiest Formula One crashes in history too, because all thirteen drivers walked away with only minor injuries. The real damage in this instance was felt in the wallet, it seems – and quite a blow it must have been too. Unfortunately, not all of the most impressive motor sport crashes ended quite so happily.

In 1976, at the German Grand Prix, the car of Austrian driver Niki Lauda veered off the track at speed, hit a barrier, and caught fire. Whilst the driver was rescued from the burning vehicle, he suffered severe burns and spent six weeks in a critical state in hospital. The doctors were convinced that Lauda would not recover, but somehow, he managed to beat the odds and make it back to full health – albeit with lasting scars as a permanent reminder.

The story of Niki Lauda, whilst terribly sad in some ways, also serves as a great example of the fortitude and resilience of motor sport stars. The Austrian was back to competing just six weeks after waking up in hospital. If anything, he is a good reminder of the fact that these men put their lives on the line every day for a reason – they want to know what it feels like to push the boundaries governing just how fast a human being can go.

12 Car Racing Blogs To Follow in 2015

050005-volvo-car-corporation-concludes-following-sartre-project.1-lgKeen on racing?

Are you a motor racing fan? If so, it doesn’t matter whether you’re into Formula 1, NASCAR or IndyCar, there is something on the internet for everyone to get their daily fix. Here are 12 blogs that you should be following in 2015, that is if you aren’t already doing so.

Top 12 Car Racing Blogs

1) James Allen on F1

James Allen has been commentating on Formula 1 in the United Kingdom for over a decade – he knows his stuff. James Allen on F1 documents his thoughts on the sport, and it is one of the most popular F1 blogs on the internet.

2) Shake and Bake

Shake and Bake is Fox Sports’ official NASCAR blog. Posts about the stock car racing competition come regularly and the blog looks to give a light-hearted take on the sport.

3) The Official Verizon IndyCar Series Blog

IndyCar’s official blog is a great way to keep up to date with America’s most popular open-wheel formula. With plenty of information about the series as well, you should definitely be following this one.

4) F1 Fanatic

An independent blog, F1 Fanatic has bloomed into a community thanks to the forums on the site. All of the latest F1 news can be found here, along with neat extras such as pictures and quizzes.

5) The Buxton Blog

Full of opinion and feature articles, The Buxton Blog looks to unpick all of the drama in the glamorous world of Formula 1. The site is run by NBC pit reporter Will Buxton.

6) New Track Record

New Track Record is an IndyCar blog written by Mark Wilkinson. Expect thoughtful posts about one of America’s favorite sports here. With humor, history and interviews, there is plenty here for all fans.

7) Fan4Racing

Fan4Racing covers the entertaining world of NASCAR. There is lots to enjoy here, from posts to radio podcasts. And, if you fancy yourself as a writer, you can apply to blog for them.

8) The F1 Broadcasting Blog

The F1 Broadcasting Blog takes a different perspective on Formula 1. It was started in 2012 and looks at both the F1 itself as well as broadcasting for multiple motorsports around the world.

9) Kunal’s F1 Blog

Get the opinions of Kunal Shah at his personal blog. He focusses on F1 (and often adds a touch of humor) and the state of motorsport in India. He also does a podcast.

10) Oilpressure

Oilpressure concentrates on IndyCar. The blog, which was started in 2009, has grown steadily and currently has multiple writers on the site. This one is worth having on your favorites.

11) From The Marbles

From The Marbles is a renowned motorsport blog on Yahoo Sports. Nick Bromberg is the main writer of this page, which is guaranteed to give you reliable, and up to date news on US racing.

12) 15 Days In May

Need an extra dose of IndyCar? 15 Days in May is an established blog run by Mike Knapp which showcases his personal opinions of the series. It’s fun, fresh and you should be following it.

Get Following

Now you know the blogs, start following and you will not be at a loss for motor racing news and opinions ever again.